Using Data to Assess Your Team’s Performance

March 12, 2015

Almost every business in India says, “if you have any trouble or need any assistance with our product/service, please give us a call on xxx xxxxxxxx to speak to our customer service agent.”

There is a reason why phone support in India scores way above email support.

  1. Immediate dispute resolution
  2. No room for misinterpretation of tone
  3. Bring in inputs in real-time
  4. No lengthy threads to keep track of
  5. Builds better relationship

Oh, and also, this

We wrote earlier about how a 4 min conversation helped us solve something that 15 emails couldn’t.

Now that we have established the paramount importance of phone support, how do know if your customer support agents are doing a good job of handling customer queries?

What should you really be tracking?

While conventional metrics can’t be done away with, you need something that goes deeper. Something that gives you actionable insights and makes it easy for you to experiment with and implement real change. This is possible with Cloud telephony.

In the case of phone support, these are the 3 most important metrics you should be tracking:

1. Are you available for your customer?

Have you ever called a customer support number, listened to an IVR, waited for what seems like an eternity and then disconnected the call due to frustration? It has happened to all of us at some point. And this is probably one of the most frustrating things that can ever happen to a customer. What it does, is, put you at a disadvantage because the customer is pissed off even before talking to you. Here’s how you can be available for your customers:

If, on a particular day, you missed a lot of calls or if you had a lot of calls drop before an agent could get to it, check if all your agents were switched on. If some of your agents were switched off, they will obviously not receive any calls via Exotel.

availability of agents

Was your call traffic particularly high during a particular time-slot in the day? Should you be adding more agents in that slot to ensure you are able to answer more calls?

call distribution by hour

2. Are you customer calls productive?

Let me give you an email analogy. You have an employee who’s response time is amazing. He answers the most number of emails. But does that automatically make him your most productive support person? What if the emails he’s sending is not solving the customer’s issues. In that case, number of emails or response time becomes largely irrelevant.

How do you measure this for calls?

This table in your daily email report tells gives you details of the number of calls attended, the average duration of both incoming and outgoing calls. Check if any of your agent’s figures are far off from the average. Do you need to keep a closer tab on their conversations?

agent productivity

The above table gives you an idea of the quantity but what about quality? It might prove to be a herculean task to listen to every single call recording of your customer conversations. But what if you can pick out a few calls at random and listen to the recordings? That should give you a fair idea of how the conversations are going. That is again something you can pick out of your daily reports.

call recordings

If you like to listen to a specific call, all you have to do is go and search for it in your Exotel dashboard. This is especially useful in the case of quality assessment, dispute resolution etc.

dispute resolution


3. Is your customer leaving the conversation satisfied?

The biggest place where phone support scores over email is the immediacy of dispute resolution. While listening to conversations can give you an idea of the customer satisfaction, it is a time-consuming way to figure out something so essential to the success of any business. Is there an easier way to do this via Exotel’s cloud telephony platform?

Set up a feedback loop

We’ve written detail about how to set up an automated feedback loop at the end of every call here.

You can generate reports for this data directly from inside your account thereby setting an easy process to measure customer happiness.

Are there any other metrics you use to measure your customer support team’s efficiency? Tell us in the comments section.

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