Exotel’s New Call Campaign Feature Opens Up Endless Possibilities

Avnish Gupta
March 8, 2022

Customers can reach businesses anytime through a well defined inbound channel and get their concerns addressed. However, businesses often find it difficult to reach out to their customers at scale, when the intent is to remind, confirm, survey or notify.

Going through the traditional outbound channel for these transactional calls through an agent is extremely costly and time consuming. Such transactional calls can be easily automated via call campaigns (generally known as call blast or IVR blast). In this blog post, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about call campaigns to get started.


Types of call campaigns and how to choose one

There are various types of call campaigns and each serve different use cases. Businesses can choose a particular use case or decide to go ahead with call campaigns based upon two major criteria:

1. Manual : Automated – If the call campaign involves a human in the end or it has to be completely automated.

2. Time-Critical : Non-Time-Critical – If the customer’s response to the campaign call (to an IVR) is time critical or non-time-critical.

Even if having an agent is necessary and time-critical, then such calls can be optimized by having an IVR or greeting in the beginning before routing it to an automatic call distributor in a queue of agents. If it’s non-time-critical, then it can be added to an outbound dialer list, and an agent can reach out to the customer later.


How businesses can use call campaigns

  • Payment (Renewal) Reminders
  • Feedback Collection
  • Delivery Schedule Confirmation
  • COD Confirmation
  • IVR Based Agent Routing
  • Customer Surveys
  • Announcements
  • Political Campaigns
  • Lead Generation (Active & Passive)


Payment Reminders

Ensure timely re-payments by sending automated reminders to customers. Businesses can remind their customers by sending automated calls. For example, Credit cards or Banks depending on payment/EMI due date can reach out to their customers, reminding them of their outstanding payments and due date.

This works like a one way workflow, where businesses need to communicate with the customers but do not need a response from customers. The other use cases could be announcements, political campaigns etc.

call campaign use case - payment reminder


Share news and offers to your target audience. Organizations can share product launches, promotional offers, discounts on special occasions to their targeted audience by automated calls. It can also be used in political or covid awareness campaigns where the intent is to reach out to the maximum number of people. 

Delivery Schedule Confirmation

One of the biggest problems faced by the logistics industry is the cost incurred due to customer unavailability during their scheduled deliveries. Using Exotel’s campaign, one can ensure that your customer is available during the time of delivery before the delivery partner reaches the destination address. One can automatically reschedule a delivery to accommodate the next best time based on customer’s availability. 

This works like a 2 way workflow wherein a customer’s response is captured along with customer communication.

call campaign - delivery schedule confirmation

COD Confirmation

Cash on delivery (COD) is one of the leading sources of operational loss due to cancellations and invalid orders. Reducing COD failures is a top priority for e-commerce players. Exotel’s call campaign API, can be used by e-commerce companies wherein they can trigger an automated call or an IVR when a COD order is placed to verify the authenticity of the order placed. Based on the customer’s input (press 1 to confirm, press or 2 to deny, etc.), the order can be marked as verified in their CRM.

Feedback Collection

Continuous real-time feedback from customers is crucial for any business. Most businesses do not have adequate resources to call the customers manually. That is where automated feedback and surveys can be put to use. Businesses can set up an IVR with a questionnaire and capture customer’s response (DTMF) against it. The responses can be used for improving their products and services.

IVR Based Agent Routing

Customer support is imperative for a good customer experience. Ensure your support executives are always there to help your customers. With Exotel campaigns, businesses can reach out to their customers for feedback or promotions through an IVR and based on the customer’s response (DTMF), it can be routed to an agent. 

Lead Generation (Active & Passive)

Using Exotel campaigns, businesses can generate active and passive leads. Sales team can trigger a call campaign to the leads they received from website/CRM etc. and if customer is interested, it can be routed to the respective Sales agents for qualifying the leads. Based on customer’s input, calls can be routed to different agents based on their skill sets. 

For example, customers are reached out using a call campaign (IVR) to check whether they are interested in a loan. If customers are interested in a home loan they press1 wherein they will be routed to a home loan agent (Agent1) and if they press2 which is configured for personal loan, then customers can be routed to another agent (Agent2) as shown in the image below.

call campaign use case - lead generation


Exotel sets you up for success

Exotel’s new call campaign offering allows you to achieve all of these use cases with ease and simplicity. The new UI & UX with self-intuitive and advanced features allow a campaign manager to create campaigns, track them and measure the performance.

Additionally, the campaigns dashboard and Campaigns APIs are now at par in terms of functionality and capabilities. Hence, a seamless integration with the campaign APIs allows you to use Exotel’s dashboard to track and measure campaigns which are created as part of their integration workflows.


Get the Exotel advantage with our new call campaigns

  • Scalable: Call up to 5 lakh contacts in a single campaign
  • Efficient: Status-based retry capability to increase pick up rate
  • Dashboard: Real-Time Stats and Call Details
  • Reporting: Individual Campaign level Report
  • Flexible: with dashboard and API parity
  • Control: Pause and resume  individual campaigns
  • Directory: Campaign specific contacts & lists


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Avnish Gupta & Partha Mandal
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