Ensure that your company’s phone number is not affected by someone else’s mistakes – TRAI 13th Amendment

March 25, 2014

Telecommunications in India is regulated by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India(TRAI). The TRAI 13th Amendment to the Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulations, 2013, now has a clause which might impact your business directly.

Exotel is a business phone system on the cloud. At the foundation of the Exotel Cloud cloud is the concept of shared infrastructure. By definition, the Cloud relies on sharing of resources to achieve economies of scale. Sharing resources and virtualisation are the reasons why our clients get Business Phone services at affordable rates.


As with all cloud providers, Exotel shares telephony resources intelligently between clients. While this is perfectly fine in most cases, there are a few situations when one client’s mistake might affect your Exophone.


The 13th amendment to the TRAI regulations states that if a company sends a promotional SMS to a DND customer, and the customer files a complaint, all telephony resources of the client, and those mentioned in the SMS will be terminated. A message like

“Congratulations. You have been selected for a 25% discount on www.xyz.com. Please call up the number 080-xxxxxxxx to avail the discount”

is clearly promotional in nature. If there is a complaint received on this SMS, the number 080-xxxxxxxx will also be terminated.


Inside Exotel, we have a strong mechanism to prevent this. But there is nothing that prevents the clients from going to another SMS provider who is not strict about the regulations. If there is a complaint on the shared telephony resources, your number might accidentally come down, and you will be affected due to no fault of yours. What can you do to prevent this?

  1. For all public communication, please use only those phone numbers that your company owns.
  2. Never publish Exophone numbers on your website or on any marketing material. Instead, buy your own number, set up a call forwarding to the Exophone and use the service

We request you to take this amendment in all seriousness and move towards the new model.  

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