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July 17, 2013

It wouldn’t be far from the truth to say that most SaaS Marketing teams love Google Analytics (GA). Well, what’s not to like: GA helps Marketers understand visitor behavior at a macro level and track key website metrics, all for free!

Like most other SaaS companies, a huge chunk of our leads are generated online. And like some others, we also have leads that are generated through a phone call or SMS. At Exotel, our Marketing strategies are data-driven. So much so that we felt uncomfortable leaving the data from our phone calls and SMSes out of the picture. Since we were using GA to track online leads anyway, and because Exotel allows call and SMS data to be retrieved via powerful APIs, we decided to bring the Exotel call and SMS data to GA.

Tracking calls in Google Analytics

We created a small script that received data from our API and created a new Event in GA. We ran it for a week, and were able to get very insighful data on call volumes. For e.g., we noticed a 40% spike in calls, and consequently registrations, the moment we put our phone number prominently on our website.


Your company can use GA + Exotel to track average call times per agent on your team, understand what time of the day you get most calls, and compare call volumes over multiple periods!

Tracking Customer Feedback in Google Analytics

There’s another interesting use case; collect and measure feedback fromyour Customers! We implemented this last week to better understand what our customers thought of our Phone Support. After every incoming support call, we send the following message to our customers:

When a customer responds with a missed call on one of the numbers in the SMS, we pass it on as an event to Google Analytics. Before we do, we assign a value ranging from 0 to 2, 0 being disliked and 2 being loved, to each event. The output then looks like this on GA:


Sweet, right? This is just another metric for us to track and better, with customer happiness in mind!

What are you waiting for? Get Exotel and harness the power of our APIs to bring your call and SMS data online!

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