Khamma Ghani Sa, Svāgataṁ & Swagat Hai

November 4, 2019

One of our primary goals has been to make Exotel accessible locally in different Indian regions. I’m excited to announce that Exotel has added three new regions in India – Rajasthan, Kerala & Madhya Pradesh. This is after hundreds of customer messages requesting for local availability. Our teams worked round the clock to set up the local infrastructure in these 3 new states. 

Now, you can use ExoPhones from these regions to reach out to users with the same functionality and superior reliability that Exotel offers across other geographies.

Here are two important reasons why you should opt for a local Exophone :


Having a local Exophone (virtual number) means that you and your customers will be charged local call rates.

Improve your local presence

A local number helps you create a better presence for your business locally. It also results in a better pickup rate as people tend to answer calls from a local number more.

After the new additions, our local presence is now in 11 Indian cities. We plan to add more Indian regions in the future.

Want to grab Exophones for the new regions? Get one now.


Himanshu Gupta
Written By
Himanshu is part of the content team at Exotel. He’s passionate about marketing, growth hacking & reading growth stories.

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