Understanding the Impact Education can create with Sabbah Haji

Terrace talks for us, has always been about learning something new & interesting. We’ve had people from all walks of life, giving us the opportunity to listen to their wonderful experiences. At last week’s Terrace Talks, Sabbah Haji too brought us a very enterprising story….

Vinay Sharma – How running changed my life

Friday just went by, so did our latest edition of Terrace talks and we had a very special guest with us. It was Vinay Sharma, the CTO of Printo. He spoke on how running and sprinting had an impact on his life and how it…

Storytelling: Building a personal narrative using theatre

Last week’s terrace talk with Aruna Ganesh was nothing short of captivating. From achieving accolades in branding to her successful transition into the theatre world, the whole talk was thoroughly engaging. Aruna(@arunaganeshram) is a performance director, deviser, designer and founder of Visual Respiration. After successfully…

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