Understanding the what, why and how of a Sales Call Tracking Software
There is hardly anything worse than your sales agent not being equipped with crucial information during customer calls. Understanding what the customer is looking for, their business model, and gathering as much information possible even before the call helps sales agents converse effectively. A sales...
Hiring Hacks to take your Startup to the next level
As part of a startup, one of the first things you will look out for is hiring the right kind of people for your organization. The first few sets of people you hire often end up filling a much larger role in your organization in...
6 Early Stage Startup Challenges That Effective Tools Can Help Solve

Harbouring an idea in your head is one thing. Taking the leap of faith to execute, nurture and grow the idea is an entirely different ball game. It calls for a tribe of people that we call Entrepreneurs. Fortunately, this breed is on the rise….

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