Why You Need to Have a Two Way Conversation With Customers

The only way for a business to survive in the digital space is to keep its customers engaged with the brand through contextual communication. Although some businesses manage to communicate with their customers, what most businesses tend to miss out on, is establishing a conversation….

4 Easy Ways To Truly Connect With Your Customer

Successful companies around the world have one significant differentiator – they know exactly what their customers want. According to a survey by marketing solutions provider Yesmail Interactive and market research firm Gleanster, most marketers only have basic transactional data or demographic information of their customers…

5 Ways To Make Your Customers Talk to You

  One of the rarest things to find in the world is a company that doesn’t say, “Customers are our top priority.” Nearly every company or business has it written down as part of their policies and pasted on their conference room walls. Sadly, very…

Hack the Talk – Can you detect the sentiment of a conversation?

Exotel Hackathon – Can you tell what they’re feeling?   Detecting Sentiment Of Conversations Sentiment detection is not a new problem. It is an interesting tech problem and quite a few individuals and companies have been trying to solve it for ages now. It is…

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