Guide to Live Call Center Dashboards
In most enterprises, call centers handle a staggering number of inbound and outbound calls every single day. The list grows if you take into consideration missed calls, disconnected ones, calls in queues etc. A live dashboard is the backbone that holds these call center operations...
6 emerging CX trends for contact centres in 2022
We are in the wake of almost everything turning digital. As technology is ever-evolving, we wouldn’t know what a future contact centre would look like. But one thing is for certain: it is unlikely to be a “physical” entity. Customers’ expectations of business contact centre...
Are Contact Centers Killing Customer Engagement?

Ever dreaded reaching out to a contact center (aka call center), even if you really needed their help? We’ve been there too and have often ended up waiting for a support rep to answer our call for several minutes. But the predicament doesn’t end there….

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