Season 2 of JumpStart is Here – Actionable Tips To Transform your Sales Operations
We are back with Jumpstart Season 2! After a fantastic response to Season 1, we are back with 3 short and insightful sessions to help you scale by transforming your sales operations. Mark your calendars. The sessions drop on March 3rd, 2021.  Sign up for...
Are Contact Centers Killing Customer Engagement?

Ever dreaded reaching out to a contact center (aka call center), even if you really needed their help? We’ve been there too and have often ended up waiting for a support rep to answer our call for several minutes. But the predicament doesn’t end there….

Enhancing Customer Experience and Improving Sales with Cloud Telephony

The only way for a business to sustain growth in a competitive market is to offer a great experience to its customers. The closer you are to understanding their needs and resolving their concerns, the better your rapport is. That’s where timely interactions with customers…

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