Are Contact Centers Killing Customer Engagement?

Ever dreaded reaching out to a contact center (aka call center), even if you really needed their help? We’ve been there too and have often ended up waiting for a support rep to answer our call for several minutes. But the predicament doesn’t end there….

Why You Need to Have a Two Way Conversation With Customers

The only way for a business to survive in the digital space is to keep its customers engaged with the brand through contextual communication. Although some businesses manage to communicate with their customers, what most businesses tend to miss out on, is establishing a conversation….

Multi-channel support for Startups, is it worth?

Customer support has been a crucial part of every industry present today. It is one of those parts of an organization that everyone is fanatical about. And it is one of the major factors that differentiates you in a business vertical. As a startup, it’s…

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