Understanding the what, why and how of a Sales Call Tracking Software

Sharavanan Shanmugaraju
April 26, 2022

There is hardly anything worse than your sales agent not being equipped with crucial information during customer calls. Understanding what the customer is looking for, their business model, and gathering as much information possible even before the call helps sales agents converse effectively.

A sales call tracking software helps your business track, record, and monitor customer calls. Easy integration to your preferred CRMs allows you to operate and maintain a healthy sales pipeline.

Keeping tabs on every customer conversation across channels, it gives your business a competitive advantage over its rivals in terms of CX. Let’s understand in detail what the sales call tracking software is and what it is capable of.


What is a Sales Call Tracking Software?

Sales call tracking software is a powerful tool for your inside and field sales teams. Helping you initiate, track, organize and analyze your sales call activities, it can unlock increased numbers of sales opportunities and revenue.

The best sales call tracking software makes it easy to connect with your potential and current customers. With the right tools, your team can focus on what’s important – making those connections and closing more deals without delegating on garnering details.

Gain insights into how well your calls are converting, and make better decisions about where to allocate your resources. With powerful recording tools, you can easily track customer interactions, improve your sales techniques, and train agents.


How to use a Sales Call Tracking Software? 

Click to call Reach out to your customers straight from the dashboard, where all the details with regards to the customer account are displayed.

Call recording – Record every customer/potential customer conversation so that it helps with dispute resolution and to train agents.

Integrations Unify your CRM, Helpdesk and other customer-facing channels to provide your customers with an omnichannel experience.

Auto reminders – Set auto SMS/call notification alerts for both the customer and your agents to follow up or pitch new services/products.

Call analytics – Visualise all the customer-facing activities in the form of reports and gain valuable decision-making insights.


Why is it important to use Sales Call Tracking Software? 

Imagine being able to track and monitor each and every sales call that goes out from your business. With sales call tracking software, you can do just that! Not only will this help to ensure that your team is following up with potential customers in a timely manner, but it will also provide you with valuable data on how well your sales processes are working. This information can then be used to make strategic changes that result in increased profits. Let’s dive in.

  Be aware of SQLs:

When you use call tracking software, your sales team will be able to see how many calls they have been making and from which departments. This information is crucial for understanding what’s going on with their customers so that any problems can quickly get solved or issues addressed more efficiently in future interactions.

The transparency in the accessibility of the sales funnel enables agents and reps to be aware. Awareness builds knowledge and knowledge serves efficiency. However, when agents and reps fail to keep tabs on the customers, it paves way for lead leakage. Find out the 3 major problems in your sales funnel that cause lead leakage.

  Spend time effectively:

Agents and reps spend a lot of time collating customer information before getting on a call. Most of the time, they go into it blindfolded with no information on the other party. This might lead to a poor understanding and lack of personalisation from the customer’s point of view. To avoid this, sales call tracking software collates and records all the customer-facing activities as and when they happen.

By automating most of the mundane tasks, a lot of time can be saved with such a tool in place. More time spent on selling and less time spent on administrative tasks, it’s a win-win situation, for both your business and your agents. 

  Gauge your efforts:

Establish the metrics in which you’ll measure the performance with call tracking software. You can view what’s working and not in your sales process with greater clarity. You’ll be able to see patterns in the customer journey, churn rates, volumes for certain types of customers as well as how the product is being pitched, the tonality, etc help gain valuable insights with a tool in place.

Here’s a blog that helps you lay the metrics and strategies for your call centre. Call centre management – Effective tools, practices and metrics.

  Visualise actionable insights:

Sales managers who track their team’s call activity will have a better understanding of what each sales rep is doing, which allows them to drive more success. The call tracking software paves way for abundant insights at your fingertips – you’ll be able to make smarter decisions.

The sales manager will be aware of the intricate operations within the team and be able to give better oversight on the go. This opens new opportunities where businesses can visualize their sales funnel and explore the untapped potential within their sales team. Here’s a blog that speaks on how being able to visualise data can transform your sales team’s efforts.

  Bump up the revenue:

The best thing about using sales call tracking software is the increase in revenue that can come from it. This reasoning lies in an increased level of automated activities, a clearly defined sales structure and the ability to easily obtain reports.

With a sales call tracking tool in place, businesses can easily identify what’s worth investing in and what’s not. All the above-stated reasons serve as a way in which your businesses can cut streamline their spending, which will certainly have a positive impact on your revenue.


To summarise,

A sales call tracking software helps streamline your entire sales funnel. Right from sorting the SQLs that come in, how your agents engage with them, establishing performance metrics and visualising results. This helps your agents become more efficient, helps your managers manage better and also helps your decision-makers make decisions based on facts and not on a compilation of opinions.

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