Rohini Mohan on why you should give a damn about someone else’s life

October 12, 2015

Rohini Mohan, a sensational journalist of her own accord, was here last Friday for terrace talks. Up until now, terrace talks for us has been something we relate to our work in one way or another. However, this time, we chose something different. Rohini spoke to us about her journey so far and her muses. As she spoke, she made us realize why we should give a damn about someone else’s life.

As a student, journalism wasn’t exactly the first thing on Rohini’s mind. She pursued a degree in business and soon realized that writing the CAT exams just wasn’t for her. Today, she is an award winning journalist, writing about politics, human rights, environment and health in South Asia.  


Rohini’s book “The Seasons of Trouble” follows the lives of three people in post-war Sri Lanka. For her, this experience was the biggest learning. As someone who had always been sheltered and rather oblivious to the Sri Lankan civil war, Rohini now found that she was unable to rid herself from the stories of these people. Each year, over a period of 5 years, Rohini would go back to Sri Lanka for a month to learn more about the lives of these people. The more she learnt about these people’s lives, the more she realized how the post-war phase was no better than the 30 year long war. Disappearances, ill-treatment of people, terror and chaos were all part of her experience there.
Her talk made us realize how oblivious we are to the evil around us. In spite of Sri Lanka being our neighbouring country, most of us have no idea about what really goes on. As a journalist, Rohini hopes that her reportings will at some point impact the lives of these people. Her talk was gripping, right from the start. We hope her endeavours in creating awareness about such issues are successful.

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