8 Reasons Why You Should Integrate Exotel with Freshdesk

January 29, 2021

When Tickets Marry Calls

Support teams often find it challenging to juggle between Freshdesk & Exotel applications while attending customer calls or addressing tickets. They continuously need to switch between the two interfaces to make calls and refer to customer data. There is also a tremendous manual effort involved in moving all the information from one dashboard to another, impacting agents’ productivity. 

Since the Exotel support team also uses Freshdesk as a ticketing tool, we have firsthand experience with all of these pain points. Our support team too resonated the problems that other customers have been facing. For them, Exotel & Freshdesk working in silos was the root cause of all the issues. All our agents wanted was a closer association between tickets and calls.

While our support agents were somehow dealing with these issues, we worked hard in the (product) match-making department to get tickets married to calls! And guess what? They both said – “Yes, I do!

The Journey From Good to Better

We launched Exotel Freshdesk Integration in July 2020, and the Exotel Support team was the first to adopt it. Since then, we have more than fifty happy customers who have integrated Exotel with Freshdesk and redefined Customer Experience and Agent Productivity. Based on their consistent feedback, we have upgraded the integration with many new features and enhancements. The latest Exotel CTI v4 upgrade addresses most customer concerns and makes the experience even better.

8 Reasons Why Your Support Team Will Love This Integration

1. Easier to personalise calls with context: Every time an agent receives a call, they get a pop up on the screen with complete details about the caller. The details include the customer’s name, organisation, ticket history, and so on, allowing the agents to personalise calls easily.

2. Quick contact creation via pop-ups: Create a new contact with name and email id directly from the pop-up. Agents can easily do this within a few clicks.

3. Instant calling with click-to-call options: With this integration, agents can initiate outbound calls using Click-to-Call functionality. Click to call eliminates manual number dialling – agents can call contacts directly from the Freshdesk application within a click.

4. Easy to create and update tickets: Every time an agent receives a call, they get an option to create a new ticket or associate the call with an existing ticket. This makes it easier for them to keep track of each query. Once the call is over, the recording of the call gets added to the associated ticket automatically.

5. Auto-assignment of tickets to agents that pick up the call: The ticket created for each call picked up is automatically assigned to the agent who answered the call. Nobody has to waste time doing this manually anymore.

6. Automatic creation of tickets for missed calls: All missed calls automatically get converted to tickets. This makes it easy to track missed calls and revert to such customers.

7. Easy user mapping between Exotel and Freshdesk users – Using this integration, you can bulk upload users to Exotel. These users then get mapped automatically between Freshdesk and Exotel to save time and hassles for larger teams. You can also search users by name & mobile number within the user mapping section.

8. Past call logs to take action later – Even if you miss out to take action on any call, you can always refer to the call logs present in the pop-up and take an appropriate action later.

Better Customer Experience with Exotel

You can realise a host of benefits – increased productivity, better tracking, improved customer experience and more – by integrating your helpdesk software with a cloud telephony platform. Enable this integration for your account now to enjoy the benefits! Find out how you can integrate here.

Avnish Gupta
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Avnish is a product management practitioner at Exotel. As an evangelist of first-principle thinking, he spends his time reading business, product & design books. He finds solace in poetry and storytelling, and aspires to write a bestseller someday!

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