Make calls at the speed of thought with Exotel’s Chrome plugin

October 16, 2014

Most of us find the few steps between intent and action to be annoyingly long. We’d like to complete the repetitive, routine stuff asap and get to the important ones.

So it is with making a call as well. For eg: Once you’ve decided to call up a person from your mobile phone, the steps that it takes from your intent to actually talking to that person is pretty boring. Like picking up your phone, unlocking it, searching for the contact and then calling the number. So things like speed diallers, bluetooth + voice commands become really useful tools to reduce the time it takes to make calls.

If you’ve used Exotel, you would probably have made outbound calls. How many times have you seen a number on a web page or a web app and wanted to call that number? You’d have to open up your exotel dashboard, copy the number, paste it in the call widget and then click ‘Call’. Now assume you’re making 20-30 calls a day. That’s quite a bit of of time spent dialling the number. We wanted to make it easier for you to make outbound calls. So ….we’ve just launched the Exotel chrome plugin.

What does it do?
Exotel’s chrome plugin provides a way for you to make outbound calls from any webpage that you are browsing. With this plugin you can now make calls directly from your CRM web-page or a google spreadsheet without having to copy-paste the number and call from the exotel dashboard.

Once the plugin is installed whenever you view any webpage, the plugin automatically detects phone numbers on the page and places a small green phone icon just before the number. Like this:
Exotel Chrome plugin at work

Clicking on the Call button will initiate an outbound call to the highlighted number.

You can read more about the plugin here.

Would it really help me?

If you are an Exotel user and you have a web based CRM like Salesforce, Zoho or Kreato, you are likely to find this plugin very helpful. Also, if you make more than 20-30 calls a day , this plugin could free up 10 minutes of your time everyday for more useful tasks like listening to your customer calls!

Click here to install the plugin.

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