JustDial is going IPO, Exotel is going JustDial!

May 21, 2013

This Monday opened up to a beautiful sunny morning and the news of the JustDial’s IPO breaking in to confirm the rumours. JustDial has indeed conquered the Indian SME Market helping businesses get found – from Mumbai to Manipur , from Srinagar to Sivakasi.


Today, everyone is on JustDial. Yes! Even Exotel. We’d subscribed to JustDial’s services a little while back and soon realised the power of this medium, although managing of JustDial leads was turning out to be slightly difficult. The power of a JustDial lead is inversely proportional to the time you take to initiate contact with them. If you’ve used JustDial to find something yourself, you wouldn’t be surprised by the various vendors bombarding your phone with calls to sell their services.

We at Exotel are a small team of Sales people, all automation freaks and it used to hurt us to see the leads go away unanswered as we practically couldn’t call them right away. What started as a casual conversation during lunch ended up becoming the JustDial app.

What does this app do?

This app combines the awesomeness of Exotel and JustDial.

Exotel's JustDial App

Exotel’s JustDial App

So when people search for something like “Cab Companies” and JustDial decides to pass on the lead details to your cab company, in addition to getting a SMS and email from JustDial, a call is triggered first connecting to the customer and then to your Sales Team. Before they get a call, they will also get a pop-up for the incoming call and the call will have the name as something like “JAMUNAJustDial – Bangalore” implying that a person by name Jamuna searched for something relevant to your company in JustDial with city/area as Bangalore.

Benefits :-

  • If you use the JustDial local search service for generating leads, those leads are now automatically processed and appear as contacts in Exotel
  • If your Sales guy missed the call, an automated SMS is sent to their phones with the Lead Details so that they can call back.

The key to a JustDial lead is :- “get to him before anyone else does!”
Have a company listed on JustDial? Want to make the most of your JD leads?

We’ve already seen remarkable results with our clients who are already using the JustDial App. Here’s an example of one of our customers who has been using the JD app.

JustDial Exotel App ROI


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