Season 2 of JumpStart is Here – Actionable Tips To Transform your Sales Operations

February 24, 2021

We are back with Jumpstart Season 2! After a fantastic response to Season 1, we are back with 3 short and insightful sessions to help you scale by transforming your sales operations. Mark your calendars. The sessions drop on March 3rd, 2021. 

In case you missed the first season, here’s a short introduction for you. JumpStart is an attempt to sidestep the downsides of today’s virtual events and create a new engagement model. Yes, we’re talking bite-sized sessions that get to the point from the word go and skip the pleasantries. Watch anytime and from anywhere.

Why Jumpstart? 

There are high chances you are experiencing webinar fatigue today. For starters, you have to endure the small talk and listen to corporate-speak for an hour before you can pick up a handful of ideas to test in your business. 

We know the pain. 

That’s why we created Jumpstart to be razor-focused to fit into your schedule, not forcing you to clear your schedule for them.  

A few months ago, the first season of JumpStart saw leaders from leading NBFC, fintech, and sales tech businesses talking about shifting customer communications to the cloud. On the demand generation side, better lead distribution and user segmentation was a focus. On the support side, listeners emphasized extracting insights from customer conversations.

Real-world examples to scale your business

This time, we are raising the stakes. The theme is scaling. Our sessions will cover topics ranging from how cloud communication is allowing marketing teams to track campaign performance to how sales teams can extract data from calls and improve prospect conversations. Here’s a peek into what you can expect from product and sales experts at these rapidly-scaling firms:

Session 1:




It is an app-based wellness platform offering services including one-on-one nutrition, fitness, and workout plans through a mobile app. As they were scaling and noticed growing customer interest, they faced challenges when it came to managing and converting leads. Through this session, growing SMEs can learn how to leverage insights and scale rapidly. Led by Swati Bajaj, Principal Product Manager at HealthifyMe, you can learn how to:

  1. Overcome a disconnected buyer communication system: Integrating cloud telephony to create a single source of customer truth.
  2. Drive better visibility into sales processes: With call recording, analysis, and rep performance management. 
  3. Manage data privacy concerns: Raised frequently by health partners to organize online sessions for its customers, HealthifyMe found a solution.


Session 2:

It is an online real estate services platform for users to buy and sell residential properties. Specifically, Anarock offers project marketing, retail consultancy and asset management services. Rahul Yadav, Senior VP of Product Development narrates the challenges his sales team faced when they were finding their path to build a competitive advantage. His session will throw light on how to:

  1. Drive marketing effectiveness: Anarock tracked buyers’ journeys through their engagement with different ads and optimized it. 
  2. Improve their first response time: Anarock used a key feature of Exotel for their inside sales department to monitor & respond to calls within 30 seconds, despite their volume
  3. Streamline your sales process: Anarock simplified follow-ups by integrating sales data. 


Session 3:

Our brief session, led by Varun Raj, Director, Enterprise Sales, will highlight:

  1. How cloud communication has evolved: Specifically, since the pandemic transformed business models and the digital pivot. 
  2. Cloud communication in action: With interesting examples from some of our power customers.
  3. Evolving sales processes: Through innovative practices, technology adoption, and better data-based sales approaches.


Get a headstart on your competition

The episodes are brief, but pack valuable insights to take and apply in your business. We handpicked leaders from different industries who led efforts to shift communications into the cloud. As such, you get a range of possibilities to transform your sales efforts. The legacy-nature of communication systems makes this an often overlooked function in the digital transformation roadmap of the business. JumpStart is an effort to dispel such commonly-held myths and improve sales outcomes.

We hope you make the most of it.

Benjamin Taylor
Written By

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