Introducing the Exotel Switch – stop or start receiving calls easily

August 6, 2013

Here at Exotel, all of us use Exotel to run Exotel (it’s called eating your own dog food). We all end up answering phone calls for Sales, Support or sometimes both. Multi-tasking and fire fighting makes you forget to switch your device off on Exotel when you want to take a break and we’d miss calls when we were busy doing something else.

So we decided to introduce the ‘Exotel Switch’.

Switching your number on or off on Exotel

Switch your number ON or OFF the Exotel Dashboard

The idea was to make it simple for someone to switch their devices off so that they wouldn’t miss calls. All you need to do now is give a missed call on the “Exotel Switch” i.e 09223332233 and we’ll switch you off. You can again switch yourself back on by again calling the same number. We do notify you with an SMS everytime you update the Exotel Switch.

SMS Confirmation

SMS Confirmation

If you’re a regular Exotel user, do save the number 09223332233 as ‘Exotel Switch’ and remember to switch yourself off if you’re not picking up calls. All of us absolutely love this feature and started using it profusely so we thought we’ll share the love.

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