Inefficient Lead Management = Negative Impact on your Cost and Revenue

April 8, 2014

Lead Management and Aggregation is a common concern for every business that is starting to evolve. We, at Exotel, experienced this problem during our early days. We wanted a tool that can aggregate leads from various sources (Emails, Calls, Websites) at one place. In addition, we wanted to take action and track every activity related to every lead from the same platform. The good thing with us was that we had a strong tech team (still have :)) who could solve this problem. We integrated Exotel with Pipedrive and we have been happy since then.

But, not every startup or SMB is able to integrate itself with a CRM tool, neither they can afford to spent significant money on such tools. This realization has been strengthened by the continuous demand from our existing clients for a solution that can help them aggregate leads from Calls, Emails, and Lead Generation Websites. Many SMBs are getting leads from Emails and Websites in an Email inbox and leads from Calls on the Exotel dashboard. Further, they are entering all leads into a spreadsheet manually, followed by manual entries of every tracking activity.

The following are the problems associated with this manual lead management:

  • Inefficient and requires at least one full-time employee
  • Requires effort to check co-workers’ availability and manual assignment of leads to them
  • Requires effort to followup with co-workers who are engaging with leads, to take update from them, and to enter update and task everyday into that spreadsheet.
  • Time wastage on duplicate leads (same lead from different sources)

These problems have direct negative impact on Cost (because of inefficient process) and Revenue (because of delay in acting on leads or missing a few leads).

Realizing these problems, we designed a “Lead Management Application” that can help SMBs aggregate leads from multiple sources – Emails, Websites, Calls, and Missed Calls. Further, the application helps in assigning leads efficiently to available co-workers, followed by the tracking of lead stages.

The following detail will help you understand how this application can help you in managing your leads in an effective manner.

This simple application aggregates all leads in a single Google Spreadsheet. Further, these leads are distributed to your available co-workers who will follow up with your potential customers and enter feedback or action steps in the lead management sheet. The following are the key features of this application:

  • Auto Distribution: All leads are automatically distributed among multiple co-workers. No manual intervention required.

  • Availability Tracking: By tracking co-workers’ availability, the app ensures that leads do not get distributed to absent co-workers.

  • Multiple Lead Sources at One Place: Lead data come from multiple source, such as Emails, Websites, Calls, Missed Calls, are all integrated and then de-duplicated into one common system.

  • Duplicate Elimination: Duplicate leads are eliminated so that the customer doesn’t get unnecessary multiple callbacks and your co-workers are not wasting time on duplicate leads.

  • Efficient: The tasks of adding co-worker, keeping attendance records, and managing callbacks are all easily manageable through a convenient Google spreadsheet.

  • Toll-Free Number Not Required: This app eliminates the need for an expensive toll-free number. Since this app also tracks missed calls, no need to make the customer pay anything. You can always arrange a callback at a time when it is convenient for for the customer.

We are sure that this application will help you significantly in your attempt to “not to miss any lead,” and hence you will be able to see direct impact on your monthly cost and revenue. We look forward for your thoughts/feedback on how can we improvise/modify this application to offer precise solution to our problem.

If you’re interested in implementing this integration in your Exotel account, click here.

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