Improve your call experience with the newly enhanced Gather applet

January 3, 2019

We buckled down to enhance your call flow experience and the first step towards that is improving the Gather applet. With this update, you can set dynamic Gather parameters instead of having a fixed parameter for all the calls routing through the flow. This is useful for personalizing the Gather prompt.

We have also introduced ‘Maximum number of Digits’. This is the number of inputs after which Gather will be finished. This update will lead to a smoother and faster call experience as digits will be captured instantaneously. Users can simply enter their 10 digit mobile number or 4 digit pin in the IVR without punching the extra “#” key. 
Setting the expectations will allow a better user experience for your customers.

This update also covers another scenario wherein a different audio prompt can be played if the user doesn’t input any digits.

To understand the Gather applet better, click here.

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