Exotel Zoho Phonebridge Integration

June 18, 2020

One of the biggest challenges which the SaaS ecosystem faces in the present world is deprecating value propositions with time. This happens because of companies working in silos. While each of these companies is delivering awesome applications to their respective customers and solving their problems in the best possible manner, there comes a point when their customers start asking for something which is neither their core competency nor strategically fits their product roadmap. Interestingly, that pain is shared equally with all. It’s just like asking a fitness app to have music streaming, navigation, health food delivery, med-eCommerce, all in one.

While it is impossible to build one product that has it all, the question to ask yourself is – “Does the customer really want ME to build everything?”

Exotel is primarily used by sales and support teams world over. The problem we are trying to solve is creating a seamless calling experience. Companies set up a business phone system to answer customer calls. They use a CRM tool to manage their client information. The helpdesk takes care of managing customer questions.

However, we have witnessed how an Exotel user with a customer-facing number finds it difficult to seamlessly associate the call details with a ticket or a lead. The manual intervention to feed all such information and switching context makes them less productive and the process more error-prone.

If you think the solution is to build one tool that does it all, think again. The solution is to let these tools talk to each other. It is to build integrations that make the agents’ life simpler.

The Exotel Zoho Phonebridge Integration is an important milestone in our endeavour to create an effective agent experience. This integration enables contextual association of Exotel calls with Zoho tickets or leads. It enables an agent to have Incoming Call intimation, visualize the call details along with call recordings and provide Click2Call capabilities, all within the Zoho applications.



How Does It Work?

  • Enable Exotel Integration from the Zoho ‘Setup – Channels – Telephony’ section
  • Configure co-workers, groups, flow, and ExoPhones in Exotel Dashboard
  • Enable Integration via: https://zohoplugin.exotel.com/ (for Zoho Desk) or https://zohocrmplugin.exotel.com/ (for other Zoho Products supporting Phonebridge v3, like Zoho CRM)
  • Map the Zoho Desk Users with the Exotel Users in the Integration Interface (and enable Click-2-Call, if required)
  • For detailed requirements and setup, refer to our Help Doc.

How can integration help businesses?

With Exotel – Zoho Integration, you can:

  1. Get the notification on your Zoho application screen, whenever any Incoming call comes on to your customer-facing Exotel Number.
  2. Ability to create/update a ticket/lead and associate the call with it – auto-populating the numbers, name, etc.
  3. Click2Call – Initiate a call between you and your customer, directly from the Zoho application.
  4. Map the Exotel Users to Zoho Users and enable Click2Call for some or for all of them.
  5. Call Recordings getting automatically added to the tickets.
  6. Missed Call details directly getting pushed to your existing tickets or new tickets being created in case of unsaved numbers.
  7. Just work on one interface (Zoho Apps) and improve your productivity by eliminating context-switching.


With this integration, we are trying to fill the gap between communication and productivity. Each time a user saves time and effort through these integration features, her need of having a Cloud-Telephony within a CRM App or vice-versa is getting fulfilled. And the resultant synergy between the two applications is relatively higher than the sum of the individuals.

The Integration approach enables us to focus on making our platform more reliable, scalable and richer with communication features while leveraging the best of other applications present in the SaaS ecosystem. It’s time to move on from ‘My Customer’ or ‘Your Customer’ to ‘Our Customer’.



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Avnish Gupta
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Avnish is a product management practitioner at Exotel. As an evangelist of first-principle thinking, he spends his time reading business, product & design books. He finds solace in poetry and storytelling, and aspires to write a bestseller someday!

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