Effective Customer Engagement for Startups – White Paper

May 7, 2014

Customer Engagement for Startups is the most vital link often discarded as lowly in comparison to growth.

customer engagement

A Startup looks for continuous and non-linear growth keeping churn at minimum levels. This ensures that they create more and more value for their investors and attract maximum funding opportunities. Getting the first 5-10 customers is the key here but keeping them along and getting more customers fast is often the strategy to achieving growth. While this strategy is often correct; Growth is not just a relative term. Engagement and growth are still seen is as two diverse concepts. Let me quickly show you that they are not with the help of an example

“Just after a customer query is resolved, support suggests that the customer shares that his query was resolved, on his social networks”

A situation where the customer has motivation to share the product is capitalized at the right moment. Growth and Engagement are thus, synonymous! In this white paper, learn the truth about how you can reclaim lost networks, build better relationships and grow via engaging with your customers.


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