E-commerce delivery lifecycle – How to streamline communication at every stage

December 17, 2018

When a customer places an order with your business, they are giving you a chance to win their trust. It is your responsibility not to let that trust go waste. Communication plays a major role in making sure that your customer has the best experience possible.

While this is one part of the business, there is another stakeholder here who needs to feel that you’re invested in their business – your vendors. This needs to happen in a clear and efficient manner as well.

Working with some of the largest e-commerce players in Asia has given us a unique perspective on the best practices these leaders follow with respect to customer and vendor communication. With this in mind, we did a webinar on how to streamline communication in the lifecycle of an E-commerce delivery. More communication driven control over delivery promises more delighted returning customers. As simple as that, no rocket science.

What is the lifecycle of an e-commerce delivery?


  • Your customer places an order
  • The order is confirmed from your end
  • The order now reaches the warehouse, ready to be shipped
  • Last mile logistics take over
  • The customer support team is informed about the pick-up
  • In case of wrong/misfit order, reverse pick-up is initiated
  • Inventory management with vendors

What sets a business apart is ensuring that the communication at every stage stays ahead of the curve by anticipating the needs of the end user, be it a customer or a vendor. This not only helps your brand gain trust and loyalty, but can also be a game changer that creates stickiness.

Remember it takes months to acquire a customer but only seconds to lose them!

Our session takes into account all these factors that can lead customers to lose trust in your brand. We offer effective, reliable and scalable communication solutions that can strengthen your customer’s trust in the brand.

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Gayatri Krishnamoorthy
Written By
Gayatri's fascination for all things digital led her to work at Google after a degree in physics. Now, many years later, she has dabbled in marketing, business development, account management, research, insights mining, social media management and whatnot! Right now, she's heading Inbound Marketing at Exotel and runs home at 5 to be with her son. She's also a wannabe food blogger and photographer.

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