Exotel with Diya Ghar helping migrant laborers’ children with Montessori education and quality nutrition. #ExoCares

Shivakumar Ganesan
August 5, 2022

A vivid memory of mine is a quote from the former US president Mr. Obama that goes, “The best anti-poverty program is a world-class education,” which has stuck with me ever since.

Last month, we at Exotel extended our arms to those in need by contributing to the expedition of providing free quality education to unprivileged kids. 

There are about 800 slums in Bangalore at the moment. Most of them happen to be the settlements for migrant communities of daily wage laborers who don’t even have the luxury of putting a roof over their heads. These communities with 42 lakh migrants live in tent sheets and unsanitary conditions.

The kids from these underserved communities aren’t assured basic needs like food, healthcare, or education. They play in hazardous places like roads, construction sites, etc, and are also prone to physical, mental, and sexual abuse as there is no supervision from elders.

And when Covid-hit, situations got worse for these kids. When the government ordered schools, including pre-schools, to be shut down, many children ended up on roads for alms and scavenging dumps for food.

How Diya Ghar has changed the lives of these unprivileged kids

It has been six uplifting years since Diya Ghar started changing the lives of young kids in Bangalore. They provide Montessori-themed pre-school education and quality nutrition for children of migrant laborers living in remote locations around Bangalore. 

Diya Ghar has helped 400 kids graduate to elementary school, where they provide two whole meals and take care of the transportation back and forth to the school.

Our business values like commitment and teamwork align with Diya Ghar’s values in committing to help these unprivileged kids. Exotel is here to co-create a wonderful life for these children by working alongside Diya Ghar. We are building bridges and are operating from a place of generosity for the greater good.

We at Exotel partnered with Diya Ghar to sponsor Montessori education and nutritious food for an entire classroom in Munekolal, Bengaluru. 

Diya Ghar partnership is our 2nd program from ExoCares initiative to promote quality education. We will soon celebrate the 3rd anniversary of our partnership with Parkirma Foundation sponsoring a kindergarten class with food and education.

We only intend to do further because this extends past charity, elevating one’s life through education, which is the only given in this uncertain world.

Shivakumar Ganesan
Written By
Shivakumar (Shivku) Ganesan is the Co-founder & CEO of Exotel.

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