Day 2: Setting up a team [Exotel’s marketing 101]

September 9, 2019

Here’s a recap of Day 1 –

Now that you have a marketing story, how do you get the word out? Hire a few folks to take care of your marketing.

It is very tempting to let marketing be the side function of founders in the early stages. However, one of the things we’ve realised over time is that you need to hire people to take care of things are essential to the growth of your business. Half attentions are dangerous.

When should you hire a marketing team?

You have figured out your product-market fit
You have a few customers
You want to bring some predictability to your marketing engine

What kind of people should you hire in your marketing team?
Here’s an unpopular opinion about what your marketing team should look like:

“Hire generalists”

Generalists are marketers who have worked with both big and small companies in the past. They are not afraid of starting from scratch and experimenting using a data-driven approach.

If you’re hiring more than one person, look at hiring a marketing manager who is a generalist and is comfortable with hands-on execution.

Who you should NOT be your first marketing hire?

A growth hacker – since this is basically the job of the marketing team, if all the factors leading up to growth are not in place, no amount of “growth hacking” can give you results.
An intern – you need clear decisions, direction, and development. All of these come with experience and can’t be done by an intern.

A few things we learned from Exotel’s early-stage marketing:

  • How your website looks is not as important as what is says. Pay attention to your message rather than your design.
  • A/B test everything! If you do not have enough traffic, arriving at a result takes time but do it anyway.
  • Good content sells. Great content sells better.
  • Keep the team small and don’t create strict boundaries early on.
  • Measure your CAC no matter how small your spends.
Gayatri Krishnamoorthy
Written By
Gayatri's fascination for all things digital led her to work at Google after a degree in physics. Now, many years later, she has dabbled in marketing, business development, account management, research, insights mining, social media management and whatnot! Right now, she's heading Inbound Marketing at Exotel and runs home at 5 to be with her son. She's also a wannabe food blogger and photographer.

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