Cold Calling 2.0 – qualifying leads for sales in India?

May 16, 2013

As more and more businesses like Nowfloats, Zepo, GoDaddy, Bigrock bring businesses online, the power of inbound marketing is growing even in India.

In the Silicon Valley there is an interesting concept of Cold Calling 2.0 growing driven by Aaron Ross with “Predictable Revenue” and maybe if you have time you should read it. But our focus is on explaining Cold Calling 2.0 and how it helps, or it has and will help. We at Exotel are also not yet completely involved in implementing this well, but we do it in bits and parts.

Predictable Revenue - Cold Calling 2.0 in India with Exotel

Cold Calling 2.0 is basically a way to call up prospective leads who sign up for your product or show interest, and you refine the lead and qualify it before passing it onto the sales or conversion team.

Cold Calling by

Marketing must take ownership of Cold Calling 2.0 why?
1. The leads coming from offline, online activities will not be completely qualified.
2. If the marketing team which is spending time and money on getting leads, is qualifying leads, they will know and understand the pulse of who is a good lead and what marketing activity is working, and who is a bad lead and which marketing activity is leading to those type of leads.
3. Cold Calling to random businesses and people is not the best way, as it is termed Promotional and Tele-Marketing calls which have now strict guidelines by TRAI.
4. Sales can focus on converting qualified leads and maximize their time and money worth.
5. Sales-Marketing is in much better sync, and a process which is effective and repetitive is built in the organization.

We currently use 4 technology products and are still figuring this out, but a combination of Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, Pipedrive and our own Exotel system help us improve our sales and conversion rates.

Any of you tried Cold Calling 2.0? Let us know if you have any good inputs.

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