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Vigil Viswanathan
4 Essentials To Staying Productive In Sales

Sales is the fuel for any company. For a startup, it is it’s lifeline. And, because startups are often crunched for resources, the sales expert in this setup is expected to deliver on several things at once: from generating leads to qualifying them, the actual…

SaaS sales: The only two things you need to know to master it

I joined Exotel from a sales outsourcing company. Oh, yes, it is a real thing. I worked for companies that outsourced their leads to us. We had to talk to their customers and sell the product/service. When I joined Exotel, it was like a whole…

Cut your Operational losses by 80% with Exotel’s Cash on Delivery Verification

  I was browsing through some e-commerce related news the other day, and I chanced upon this. It is wonderful to see one of India’s oldest organization, more than two centuries old latch on to the Indian e-commerce juggernaut. E-commerce companies are trying to reach…

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