Surbhi Saraf
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Surbhi Saraf
Surbhi is a content marketer at Exotel. She is an avid reader and spends most of her time chipping away at historical fiction and non-fiction titles. She also makes the best omelettes ever!
Call Center vs Contact Center: Which One is Better for Your Business?
Call centers and contact centers both exist for the same purpose - to resolve customer queries and provide customers with a reliable way of reaching a company. But the channels that they use to achieve this are different. However, modern call centers now have features...
Customer Experience (CX) in 2020: Everything you Need to Know
In the pre-internet era, businesses wielded great power and were able to control the information consumers had access to. Word of mouth only travelled so much. The advent of internet and consequently the digital age has tipped the scales in favour of consumers. They now...
Call Forwarding vs Call Transfer (Definition, Types and Use Cases)
Business call centres are designed to handle the complex needs of customer communication. To handle the high-volume calls, they come with advanced features for effective call management - IVR, parallel routing, analytics, tracking and much more. Some of the most valuable features that call centres...

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