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Smita Vijayakumar
Converting audio WAV format to HTK format on Ubuntu 14.04

At Exotel Labs we analyze tons of anonymized voice samples for addressing varied research problem in the voice space. While there are multiple techniques to this, a proven methodology to do voice analysis begins with converting audio into Hidden Markov Models (HMM). HTK is the…

Introduction to Go programming

Exotel is proud to be an active supporter of “Women Who Go” initiative. This global initiative seeks to create an active Go community for women engineers. The group’s efforts include imparting Go programming skills, organizing study groups and workshops, evaluating Go  for varied use cases,…

Understanding Go’s Context Library

“The problem with digital architecture”, says Peter Eisenman, “is that an algorithm can produce endless variations, so an architect has many choices”. This statement equally rings true when designing modern distributed systems that require careful thought and in-depth analysis before design decisions are made. A…

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