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Shubham Khanna
Cloud Telephony for Marketplaces – Simple Call Logic with Exotel & Google Spreadsheet

Number Mapping – No coding required One of the biggest benefits of cloud telephony and Exotel is that it allows you to set up seemingly complicated call flows and logic in a matter of minutes. If you’re familiar with how traditional systems like EPABX or…

[Video] How you can use your own business phone number with Exotel – Call Forwarding

We get quite a few queries at Exotel from business owners who already have a number for their business. These companies have advertised/publicized a number and their customers have saved it in their phone book. It is not possible for a business to phase out…

The right time to get a business phone system in place

I’ve been doing Sales in Exotel for almost 2 years now and the one question that I encounter frequently is – When is a good time to get a business phone system in place for my business? Having a business phone system that is functional,…

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