Chinmay Bhattar
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Chinmay Bhattar
How we Slack at Exotel

We love automation. We always have. Our motto has been – if it’s repetitive and can be automated, don’t waste your time on it. So, for us, falling in love with slack was absolutely inevitable. We first signed up for Slack well over a year…

Sales Process Automation at Exotel

A sale is the act of selling a product or service in return for money or other compensation. Signalling completion of the prospective stage, it is the beginning of an engagement between customer and vendor or the extension of that engagement. We have a dedicated…

Intelligent call routing for business based on the customer’s geo location

India is a country of vast diversities. And the number of languages we speak in this country stands testimony to that fact. In a way, Exotel is in the business of connecting people. We speak to prospective customers everyday from all corners of the country….

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