Ankita Barthwal
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Ankita Barthwal
How Technology is Silently Enabling Aspiring Entrepreneurs

“Just call me Angel of the morning, angel.” Isn’t it surprising how songs just become a part of our lives? Either as a witness to some happy moment or something that keeps you motivated and focused on achieving something bigger- like a new business idea….

How Pratham Books partnered with Exotel to make bedtime stories interesting

“There’s always room for a story that can transform kids to another place and broaden their imagination.” Bedtime stories have played a pivotal role in shaping our development process as children. One of the most beautiful early memories for a child is snuggling with a…

How two-factor authentication is critical to your security

{Update: This post was edited in September 2018}   Not a day passes by without some news or the other about data breaches or security threats — be it Facebook or Apple or even the less popular businesses. How careful are you when it comes…

Creating clear and usable IVR prompts that your callers will love
{Update: This post was edited in September 2018}   As a business operator, you will agree that interactive voice response or IVR plays a crucial role in providing a personalised customer experience. Consider it as a front door of your business; It is an Automated...

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