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Aditya Singhania
Aditya Singhania is a Software Developer at Exotel. He is fascinated by the power of technology. When he’s not coding, he’s probably trying to set records on his PS4 or planning his next vacation trek. A big fan of Piyush Mishra's work, he loves writing about philosophy. Some people say that he’s addicted to board games. He also can’t think of the last time he’s said no to chai or charcha.
Building a Browser Push Notification Service — The Low-Level Design Using the Gorilla/Websocket Library in Golang
(This article originally appeared as a part of a 3 part series here.)   At Exotel, we have a lot of customers running their support and sales call centers on us. When these agents receive calls, having a real-time notification, with contextual information about the...

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