4 Reason You Should Marry Your Cloud Telephony & CRM

May 18, 2015

Customers are the resources upon which the success of a business resides. They are the key component that help an enterprise meet its business goals.

CRM is the lifeline

Every company is driven by the desire to provide utmost customer satisfaction. To strongly and consistently pursue this objective, companies need to have a CRM – Customer Relationship Management, integrated into the backbone of their operations.

CRM systems are hand weaved to facilitate SME’s manage details pertaining to customers in a seamless manner. A holistic system, CRMs are vital to any and all businesses. It lets you be more organized and do more with less.

Cloud telephony future-proofs your business

Having migrated to the cloud, the business phone is the hottest channel for customer engagement. Cloud telephony aids enterprises better manage its burgeoning inflow of customer phone calls.

Playing its trump cards of easy scalability and high reliability, cloud telephony provides complete control, unlike the traditional EPABX systems. Devoid of any hardware installation, it facilitates a business, small, medium, or large to have a commendable voice service.

Cutting short a long story – CRM integration

Why not harness cloud telephony’s features to its fullest and reap rich dividends?

CRM applications can be smoothly integrated without any glitch with the cloud. Integrating cloud telephony and CRM solutions hold promising potential. They attract more profits to an enterprise by creating more new and repeat businesses, by letting you have the customer data at your fingertips.

Count your blessings

If you haven’t integrated your cloud telephony with your CRM, here are 4 compelling reasons why you should:

    1. Customer information can be accessed at the drop of a hat! When an existing customer or a prospective client places a call, Exotel triggers a popup on screen with the relevant information pertaining to the lead or account. There is hardly any time wasted in looking for a CRM record. Thereby customer data is always available with ease.
    2. Productivity improves exponentially and input errors are dramatically trimmed. On receiving a call from a fresh prospect, a lead is automatically created with all available information like the phone number, lead source. As a result, the probability of inducing any erratic customer information in the database by manual feeding is eliminated and the task of populating lead data is outsourced to the CRM.
    3. A call missed is an opportunity lost. On an incoming call going unanswered, Exotel can integrate with your CRM to ensure that the missed call is added as a lead for a new customer or an interaction for an existing customer. Every unanswered call can be followed up with the details taken from the CRMs missed call history. According to a research done by Google and Ipsos in 2013:61% of mobile searchers surveyed conveyed the importance of being able to call the business during each phase of decision-making. This goes on to say, how important it is to service every call.
    4. Scheduling outbound calls is just an API away. Exotel’s intelligent APIs can set in motion outbound calls from CRM, based on events, be it greeting a customer on his life events or updating on-field agents. This is definitely one of the most handy features and helps in building a healthy customer relationship, by leveraging on the smartness of the API’s, leading to improved sales.

With need for speed the mantra, these advantages do make the daily activities in any business faster, thus veering towards streamlined sales and marketing processes, better call center efficiency, reduction in expenses, increased market share and a higher overall profitability.

Integrate and marvel at the results

With advancements in technology that’s carving wonders, what is stopping us from leveraging on these friendly tools and software? A CRM integrated cloud telephony is sure to take you a step closer toward customer gratification. The CRM tool and cloud telephony software are a dynamic duo, which when combined is sure to demonstrate great results in leaps and bounds. Business software should be put to the best use in improving a company’s productivity, and when technology is providing a means to make things easier, it’s in our interest to exploit the opportunity.

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