3 Ways to Set Up an Automated Feedback System for Your Business

March 28, 2014

We are a Saas company with a strong belief in measuring everything we do, be it our response time, daily missed calls etc. Setting up an automated feedback system was quite necessary for us.

Actually, one of the critical things for any business is to collect continuous feedback from customer interactions. I have personally seen that collecting feedback takes a back-seat in many businesses mostly pertaining to lack of resources to call up the customer.
Gone are the days where you can collect feedbacks only by calling up each customer individually or meeting them face to face. Hence let’s switch to an automated feedback system.

At Exotel, we wholeheartedly believe in automating whatever needs to be repeated again and again. These are some of the ways in which we set up an automated feedback system for our own business.


1) Using Automated IVR calls:

Create your set of feedback questions, upload the customer list and start the campaign. That’s it! ATSA app helps you do configure your feedback IVR in minutes. You can take the feedback over an IVR thereby saving your time, money and operation costs, as I said, no human involvement!

2) Feedback using Missed call:

 A very simple yet very effective way! At Exotel, we gauge our customer’s interactions using this kind of a business SMS
Each of this number will have Missed call app installed.
As soon as somebody gives a missed call on “Dislike it” number, I listen to that person’s call recordings and resolve their issue. Hence, making sure similar problem doesn’t arise again. Problem resolved and you won over your customer! If you start getting more and more missed call on “like it”, that means you are doing a good job with your customers!
Doing this whole setup of missed call marketing takes less than 5 minutes!

3) Feedback over SMS:

After the call, you can send automated SMS saying “You just talked to Shubham. Please rate your experience by sending an SMS  “Feedback X” to 57979 where X is 1 to 5, 1 being awesome, 5 being not satisfied. Thanks”. You would have got this feedback SMS on various call center interactions.
So, what are the pros and cons of the methods we listed above?
 Method Pros Cons
Feedback using IVR Call -Fully automated using our ATSA app -Low conversion % as multiple chances of dropout possible (like call not picked up, didn’t enter any response etc)
Feedback using Missed call -Missed call is free, so high conversion rate
-Fewer metrics to follow( only 3 options)
-Easy to find out who is happy, who are not and take required action
-Customized SMS for each kind of feedback can be done.
-Can’t think of anything really!
Feedback on SMS -Automated SMS, no manual intervention -Conversions will be low as replying to Shortcodes is expensive.
If you run a company without an automated feedback system or still think that collecting feedback is a time-consuming process, all you need is a few minutes to understand how you can serve your customers better.
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