2017 Annual Roundup

December 29, 2017

So, just like that it is end of another year. As each year passes by, we look back and reflect on our work. It is a tradition that we’ve been following for years. What have we done this year?

Here are some stats:

For more numbers, check out our page on year in review 2o17


Our team won the 2nd place in Startup Futsal Tournament!


ExoZen was launched. This Exotel and Zendesk integration allows for your customer service teams to provide phone support from the same platform they use to manage all other channels. With full customer history, automatic ticket creation, and call recording, agents can focus on conversations instead of workflows.


Exotel’s Developer portal went live! You can find here all our APIs and integrate them with your business.

International SMS was launched. Using Exotel’s API, you can now send SMS to 190 countries at best rates and delivery time.


We ensured customers have a smooth and hassle-free payment by integrating with Razorpay, a reliable payment gateway.

Intergalactica joined us. She is a sports enthusiast, who likes to drive people around. She is also teaching (and failing) us the fine art of balance. Intergalactica is our hoverboard, by the way.


Our annual tech hackathon, Exohacks 2.0 was held in May. Sid & Sarthak triumphed with their brilliant Internet without Internet hack.

nOTP, which was born out of a winning hack in Exohacks 1.0 was launched. This product allows you to authenticate and verify users without any actions from their end. nOTP works much faster than the typical OTP verification, and the best part is that it works without an SMS.


Exotel turned 6 years old!

To commemorate this, all of us from Exotel went to Sakleshpur. Amidst acres of greenery, we trekked the hill, did unmentionable (but not objectionable) things, and came back with better spirits (and sores!)


We integrated with AWS Polly for text to speech conversion. When the entire business runs on voice, it is only fair that we use a voice that is warm, welcoming and non-robotic.


We rolled out Parallel Calling, a feature that enables customers to call out to multiple numbers in parallel.

Granular Status Codes for Calls is a status code API that allows the customer to know the complete details (and reasons of failure, if any) of call legs was shipped out.

EXOlympics, our first annual sports meet was held in August. 4 teams, 60 players, all in a day’s game!

Here, you can see Kanpur Kittens and Trichy Termites in action!


September saw the launch of Granular Status Codes for SMS, an API which communicates the details of what exactly happened with a SMS.

InstantMix, a first ever hackathon for the Customer Happiness team was held and was won by Ramey and Kashish. Their hack was ‘Predictive support article output – Freshworks’


October saw our highest number of calls in a day- a whopping 7 million!

Phone number API, which allows the customer to check the available Exophones list and choose whichever Exophone they like, was introduced.  


We had our first fire drill since the history of fire.


Our new website went live! No blood or tears were involved in the process, only sweat and lots of it.

Like the rest of the world, we played Secret Santa, exchanged gifts, ate good food and made merry!

Every day, every month, through the year

We are constantly working to build the most reliable communications platform in India and SE Asia.

From all of us at Exotel, we wish all of you a joyful and relaxing holiday season. Happy new year!

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Swathi is a content marketer at Exotel. She is passionately establishing Exotel's voice in the form of content. She is also a self-proclaimed champion of Oxford comma.

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