10 Inbound Marketing Learnings for SaaS Indian companies

February 17, 2013

Had an opportunity to attend a very close-knit session with a lot of smart people on Google+ Hangout thanks to Ashish Sinha, Jayadevan from the NextBigWhat team and it had some stellar people sharing their experiences in the SaaS Inbound Marketing space like Paras Chopra of Wingify, Girish Mathrubootham from Freshdesk, Shekhar Kirani of Accel Partners, Krish Subramaniam from Chargebee, Tejaswi Naidu and few more folks (am sorry to have missed out on your names).

I’ll try and bundle together important learning’s from Paras/Girish/Krish/Ashish & Shekhar that I thought below:

1. There are no KPI’s for Content, Content has to be unique and awesome

2. There has to be a Content Marketing plan – you can’t just decide I will continue to roll out content constantly, there must be an aim and goal of different plans, and it must be measurable. There should be an end goal in mind and it should be strategic with what the company needs.

3. New possible un-explored content channels – Quick Videoes, Webinars, Slideshare.

4. PR helps in qualifying you in the mind of a prospective customer that you are in the news and hence must be doing something right.

5. Good E-Mail sign-up rates are 5-10% by industry standards.

6. Use PR to position yourself as a thought leader in the space you are trying to capture.

7. Measure and Analyze all experiments – e.g. A/B testing on website, Google Analytics etc.

8. Content needs to be GREAT, and should be distributed via different channels (various different blogs across the world, and constantly keep engaging these blogs/news sites with different unique content and analysis), nothing beats GREAT content.

9. Hire the right people – not the big name marketers, the different thinking types, good Story-Tellers and allow them to grow the strategy. SaaS based Inbound Marketing is very different from normal plain old vanilla marketing.

10. Constantly share your content with people via different mediums, not spam, but smartly, and learn from companies such as HubSpot, Kissmetrics.

SaaS Inbound Marketing in India (most of these learning’s from the above companies was with results from outside India) is not going that great but we at Exotel, hope to come back in a few months with some of our learning’s and will share it soon.

Can’t Thank everyone who joined the hangout and shared some of this awesome knowledge. This post is to share it with more SaaS companies in India trying to tackle this.

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