customer success


Investing in our customers’ success

You succeed when your customers succeed; we strongly resonate with this phrase and we swear by it.

What we do

We are a team of trusted advisors, and experts pivotal in the success of our customers. We help our customers to unleash the full potential of Exotel. Our team develops and fosters a deep, long-lasting relationship with our customers, partners and each other while helping to drive growth and success at Exotel

We create

Do you have a business problem? Then, we will devise a solution. We ensure that communication between your business and end users is seamless and efficient.


Be it the food reaching you in time, or the clothes you ordered for your best friend’s wedding or booking a cab for your mother, we enable the communication! You don’t see us, but we are always watching out for you.


Every customer has a unique story. The relationship that we share with our customers allow us to directly influence their business decisions.

Team commandments

Be Empathetic

The customer should feel empowered after interacting with us. Getting into the customer’s shoes gives you a better perspective and a first-hand understanding of the problem.

Love problem solving

Every customer is different. We enjoy being able to meet the needs of customers, and also solving their problems that might have gone unsaid.

Always be honest

This one doesn’t need any explanation.

The Customer Success Team



Customer Success Associate



Customer Success Associate



Head of Account Management

If this sounds like a team you would like to be a part of, please get in touch with us!